“We need a new paradigm for musicians,

media and culture creators to be able to

continue creating and make a good living

from their artistic works.

As we work collaboratively to create and

perform our best works, each success

benefits our co-op community as a whole.”

Meet our board

Bryant Didier

Josephine Grey

Cheryl Henry

Osman Okey


Evolutionary Music Co-Op (EvMC) is a non-profit music and media co-operative designed to enable artists to create conscious music that can be shared with fans, community members, and organizations who value music as a tool for inspiration, change and healing. The music we produce and present spans genres and generations, building Toronto’s unique intercultural creative potential to create new and evolutionary forms of music to entertain and inspire positive change in the world.

our mission

To gather, create, develop, produce, publish, and promote innovative, original and mindful music for the mutual benefit of the artists, the co-operative, and society.


To connect and support like-minded artists and professionals to increase revenue from music and income for artists. 

To provide a hub for people with complementary skills and talents to share collective resources and help create a new kind of music industry. 

To bridge between all ethnicities, age groups and cultures to maximize innovation and the potential of the local music community.